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A Bit of a Damper

Obviously, global pandemics can be a bit of a damper on routine life and casual living. We all pivoted and adjusted accordingly, and now we are trying to safely ride out the rest of it and take on whatever else comes our way in these tumultuous times.

There is the ever-growing list of anti-racism titles which seem to be sold out everywhere at the moment. Titles like White Fragility and Stamped from the Beginning are flying off the virtual and physical bookstore shelves.

I’ve just submitted my own wholesale order for books and I hope to have them listed and available in a couple weeks. Where I normally do mostly arbitrage around my community, both Covid-19 (and my wife) have discouraged me from that.

Penny the dachshund warning me to not go out hunting books.

I’m excited to have some material to post online and I am seriously trying to break into some type of regular pop-up locations I can rotate regularly throughout the month. I’m going to reach out to some shop owners and see about setting up a table one Saturday per month. If I get four locations per month, one each Saturday, it will be a start, and I will be thrilled.

Also, once I have my inventory in place and everything is accounted for, I will also be posting select titles here in my blog, as well as all the other facets of social media available to me. I’ll have to start linking my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. Wow, It kind of sounds like I should be making a list for myself instead of a blog post. LOL. I’ll write it down and get it done. Let’s see…what else?

Well, concerning the nationwide protests, in case there is any doubt concerning where I stand, I am for peace. I am for all races being able to come together and live in a united environment which actively strives for equality. In order for that to happen, society must realize that Black Lives Matter. Yes, all you nay-sayers…All Lives DO Matter, but in today’s world, right now, the emphasis is on black lives, because they need it right now.

Black Lives Matter, as do all lives, but today, the emphasis is on Black lives. They are the ones who need it right now.

I sincerely hope you understand. If not, and if it actually offends you, know that it is isn’t my intent to offend anyone, but also that it is important and I won’t be changing my stance. Thanks for your understanding. I wish we were ALL that understanding. It’ll happen one day.

The books are on the way! I must be, too, at the moment. I have stuff to do!

Take care, stay safe, keep reading and keep the momentum.


Published by KeepTheMomentum

One day, I’m gonna have a book store. You wait and see.

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