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Scanning and Texting. Texting and Scanning.

I was at a local bookstore this past weekend, scouting books with my BlueTooth scanner, and my wife sent me a text to remind me of the incoming rain storms. I went to text her back to let her know I’d be heading back soon, and I couldn’t get the virtual keyboard to come up on my phone. I quickly realized the HID setting on my scanner was replacing the keyboard input so the software deemed the virtual keyboard completely unnecessary.

What I didn’t know at the time was that one can flip back and forth between HID input and virtual keyboard input by double clicking on the scan button. Of course, that wouldn’t be as fun as trying to figure out how to otherwise respond to my wife’s text.

Usually, if I was busy, I’d just reply with a thumbs up emoticon. Since that emoticon weren’t available, I had to improvise.

My Homemade Thumbs Up Emoticon

So, I took a couple moments to take a thumb selfie, and was able to get back to scanning.

I managed to pull almost a dozen books which may not sound like much, however, they were pretty nice books. Some books, such as certain text books, medical manuals, science, and engineering and math references, can sometimes be found, used, quite inexpensively and provide a good profit margin. Finding books like this would usually be preferable to trying to get the same return with a bunch of “less valuable” books that take more space and shipping costs, eating up the profit margin. Of course, I take them all. The “lesser” books will also sell quicker, generally, and earn their way into the box.

So, remember, if you ever find your self scanning with an Eyoyo 1D scanner and your significant other sends you a text, you can simply double click on the scan button to toggle between the scanner input and the virtual keyboard. Other than that, you can always make your own custom emoticon with the camera on your phone and make them wonder about you.

Keep the momentum! Happy booking!


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One day, I’m gonna have a book store. You wait and see.

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