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I’m Jumpin’ In

I haven’t posted in a few days but I haven’t been resting on my laurels. I’ve been busy researching all the retail arbitrage videos on YouTube and listening to Gary Vaynerchuk (which keeps me both hyped up and in touch with reality at the same time, which is very unique) and preparing to jump in to selling on Amazon.

A Bluetooth scanner is on the way and I am now able to scan with my phone in the mean time. I was going to wait until the scanner came in before I went out and tried finding stuff to sell, but I decided to go ahead and get familiar with the software and the process so I would be ready to go when the scanner got here. That turned out to be a really good idea.

Hittin’ the Road

First, I mapped out a couple nearby places and headed out. One of my immediate concerns was what it was going to be like walking into a place and scanning and how people would react. Both locations had people who didn’t appear to mind at all. So, I’m thrilled with that. I was experiencing a bit of paranoia about someone walking over to me with an angry glare and asking what I thought I was doing and telling me to leave before they called the police. It never happened. Good deal.

Next, I managed to scan a few bags of books. Score! I came home to load them all into my seller account and get them mailed off to Amazon, but my seller account is apparently still going through some clearing process. I created a trouble ticket and sent it off to the fine folks at Amazon to see what I may have done wrong in my endeavors to load my books, and then I headed on to the next thing on my list.

My List

  • Shipping Boxes
  • Shipping Tape
  • Printer Labels (various sizes)
  • Goo-Be-Gone (for removing stubborn labels)
  • Plastic Scraper (for removing stubborn labels)
  • Dog treats (morale boosters for the store mascots)

Ok. ‘Got all those ordered.

Now, I’m getting ready to drag a folding table out of my garage and set it up in the spare room at the end of the house. (It’s really my aquarium room, but now it’s my book processing room with a huge aquarium against one wall.) I have good lighting in there and I will be setting up the room to get my books from car to computer (for scanning) to printer (for labeling) to boxes (for shipping) and out the door to my car to drop off at UPS. Get a system in place and USE it!

If you can’t tell, I’m a little excited.

I hope you are planning on pursuing your dreams or at least thinking about it and letting it stew in your subconscious. It is important that you make some effort to achieve YOUR goals every day. Do what’s important to you. Trial and error. More trial than error will eventually lead to success.

Shoot for the moon.

Keep the momentum.


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One day, I’m gonna have a book store. You wait and see.

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