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Why Aren’t You Reading?

I made beef stew last night. It is thick and warm and hearty. I made a fresh pot of coffee and found a day-old loaf of olive bread for ninety nine cents. I just had a bowl of stew, a chunk of bread and a mug of coffee. We are set up in the living room with our books and our laptops and a fire in the fireplace. We can watch the snow melting on the lawn with the security cameras. Life is good.

This morning is perfect for reading…or writing…or both. But little distractions can wheedle away at my time. I’ve made sure the dogs have been fed and let outside for their morning breather. I’ve cleaned up the dishes and stoked the fire. Now, the television and the radio are off, my coffee is refreshed, and I’m down to the business of reading. Yes, it’s a pleasure, a luxury, AND a necessity for our modern life, but sometimes I need a little push.

I have to physically and mentally prepare for the hours ahead spent absorbing amazing stories and plot twists and facts and news articles and such. I have to consciously and purposely eradicate as many potential distractions as I can. It’s the difference between getting it done and just dabbing around the edges of what I intended to do.

It’s a pleasant thought that we can have a leisure-filled morning, but it’s far less likely if we don’t make an effort and prepare for it in advance. Help achieve your goals by preparing in advance to achieve your goals. Get rid of those upcoming distractions. Put the phone on a charger in another room. Turn off the television. Get some needed chores out of the way first. Make it happen.

You have books to read.

Keep the momentum.


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One day, I’m gonna have a book store. You wait and see.

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