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Day Six: Back to Work

Up early as always, showered and dressed and ready to head out to my regular job. Fixing a turkey wrap to bring with me. I need to stock up on oatmeal packets and tuna snack packs. Keeping myself surrounded with healthier options makes it easier to eat healthy. Also, having them to grab at a moment’s notice saves time and money versus going out to find a vendor or restaurant across the street at lunch time. Gotta stay stocked with good stuff.

Traffic has been light the past two weeks but school starts back up today for all the youngsters and buses and moms will be packing the local roads in the mornings. I need to make sure I’m leaving early enough.

I’m thinking of adding one more resolution into the mix. I need to start clearing out some stuff. I need to sell or donate or trash the things I no longer need or want. I need to declutter my space. My wife says garage sale but I say eBay. We’ll see.

I’m taking the little candy canes people leave on my desk from Christmas and putting them in my coffee. Peppermint Keurig greatness.


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One day, I’m gonna have a book store. You wait and see.

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