Day Five: The Day Before Monday

Today was a lovely day. The high temperature was just below 70 degrees Fahrenheit with a slight breeze: A perfect summer day in many places but a perfect random Winter day here in Texas. I walked the dogs today. They loved getting out and around the park on such a beautiful day and the free air and exercise did all of us good. I had fresh melon and pineapple and toast with strawberry jam with coffee for breakfast. I did spend about five minutes lifting weights, so…I should probably get back to doing some more of that when I’m done here.

I had Brussels sprouts and potstickers for lunch. I couldn’t help but have a few wheat thins and cheddar as a snack, and I’ll wager I drank half a gallon of lemonade throughout the day. I read the first couple stories in my new unabridged Jack London and was surprised to learn he lived only to the age of forty. I hadn’t realized he died so young. I look at the eleven hundred pages he wrote and wonder what else he could have accomplished had he lived on.

In spending time with my wife, we broke into a new (to us) series on Hulu called Killing Eve. It’s a bit of an international cloak & dagger spy thriller series and it’s been out for a while so we can binge watch a few episodes at a time when we feel like it…another benefit of staying away from the television for prolonged periods of time.

Dinner was a Marie Calendar’s chicken pot pie…mediocre (I always manage to either undercook it or burn the crust) and a bit more fresh fruit. So, I managed to behave fairly well for my food intake today. I could have avoided the cheese block and crisps, but what the hell. It’s the weekend.

I went through a couple catalogs recently received in the mail and selected several titles for an upcoming order. Some history, some historical fiction, a few children’s titles…all good stuff. Or at least we hope as much, right?

In other news, my wife found an old Bluetooth keyboard in her office and let me use it. Instead of kicking back with my laptop to write, I can kick back with a wireless keyboard and my phone and be even more cozy wherever I choose to write. Remembering how freeing it was the first time I took my first laptop somewhere, this new setup is even more portable. I can tuck my phone in it’s pocket and shove the keyboard in a bag or jacket and be off in an instant. I do enjoy it.

In all, I feel as though I am on my way to making these resolutions into habits and these blog entries are helping me adhere to them. It’s an additional layer of accountability for me, and I’ll take all the help I can get. 🙂

Stay motivated, do things which make you (and others) happy.

Keep the momentum.

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One day, I’m gonna have a book store. You wait and see.

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