Day Four: Half Price Books!

I got out to Half Price Books today and found a copy of Hemingway: The First Forty-Nine Stories. I’m about a third of the way through it. I also bought a copy of The Unabridged Jack London. I haven’t dug into that yet but plan to do so soon after I write this post. It’s interesting to read the descriptions in Hemingway. He really captures the essence of the locations. I was reading one short story after another to find myself correlating his descriptions with moments from my own memories. Not only did it allow me a bit of reminiscing but it also lent some reality to Hemingway’s tales. I made it through one hundred forty four pages in one sitting.

I’m going to switch to the Jack London in a bit just for variety before returning to finish Hemingway. I’m attracted to Jack London’s stories as I am sometimes living vicariously through his writing. The sum of his work is separated into two different sections: Mountains and Sea. I have loved hiking and kayaking for some time and, although I have never adventured to the extent of what London has done. I did a bit of ocean going travel in the USN as an Operations Specialist, but not to the extent I would write about it. I am inspired by London’s travels and subsequent stories. It makes me want to get out there and hike cross country, hop on a steamer, and start writing my own amazing experiences. I don’t know if my wife would be too keen on that, but let’s put a pin in it and see if I can’t work something out when I retire one day.

So, to catch up with the rest of my resolutions, I did get in some walking today as I wandered Half Price Books and other nearby stores with my wife. I took a break from the weight-lifting today to give my body a chance to recover. I definitely reduced my screen time today due to all the shopping and walking, and reading of actual printed books. And the only writing I got in today was this blog post, but that counts, so I’ll take it. I’ll have to step that up over time.

Thanks for reading! Pursue your goals. Love your dogs. Keep the momentum. Have fun.

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One day, I’m gonna have a book store. You wait and see.

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