Day Three: Starting to Alternate Those Resolutions

The best best of survival for my New Year’s resolutions was to make a bunch of them and alternate them as needed to keep the momentum going. If I had one resolution, I’d spend too much time and effort worrying about trying to make that happen and I’d get bored or frustrated. With a whole slew of resolutions, I can sort of pick and choose as appropriate and I’ll always feel good about doing at least one of the things I swore I would do. I know. That’s kind of half-assed, but it’s what I’m trying this year.

What’s on the list? Well, let’s see. I told myself I’d lose some weight. Twenty pounds seems about right. I lost more than that a few years ago, and it felt great, but it was hard to maintain and I ended up gaining quite a bit back. I’m going for moderation this time.

Another thing I’m doing is making sure I write. This blog is a part of that but, hopefully, there will be more, eventually. It’s the easiest thing in the world. I’ve started writing a million times. It’s the follow through that takes some effort. I’ll be working on that.

Lifting weight. Pumping Iron. Working different areas on different days. I have been, intermittently, pretty excited about walking, hiking, kayaking and getting out on the move. As any trainer will tell you, aerobics need to be blended with some resistance. I need to bring up and maintain some weightlifting. I’ve been tossing around some iron in the backyard the past week, just a little, and trying to gradually move it up both in reps and mass. I do feel better. I’m looking forward to more variety in this and better results.

Less meat. More fruit and vegetables. I’ve been doing this for weeks now, long before the new year started, and I just need to keep my refrigerator and cabinets well stocked. I find that, if it is readily available when I crave it, it’s much easier to adhere to it.

Less screen time. And when I say less screen time, I mean the impulsive instinct to pull out my phone and check social media, email, texts and updates every time there is a momentary lull in the real world. I even have a selection of game apps I keep just to pass the time when I am waiting in line or relaxing after work. Honestly, staring at a phone screen is not relaxing. It forces your eyes to stare unblinking at a source of light which can fatigue your mind. So, I’m trying to reduce that. Yes, I am aware of the irony that I am typing this on a laptop.

Anyway, I have been rotating my resolutions accordingly and it helps keep me motivated. We’ll check back down the road and see how well it all goes.

Keep the momentum!

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One day, I’m gonna have a book store. You wait and see.

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