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The Beginning of a Plan

I need books. I plan to sell books. I will have a selection of used and (some) new books which I will sell at various popup locations in my neighborhood and surrounding area. I hope to be able to visit each site monthly and develop a routine which clients will come to learn and love. If I meet at each location on the same day (for example, the third Thursday of the month) each month, I will eventually have regulars who come by to see what is new and different.

I do have my tax permit set up and running. I have an account with various book suppliers and publishers and look forward to setting up accounts with many more. If any of you are publishers and would like to set up an account with you, please contact me.

So, local retail shops, businesses and offices with a good volume of employees who traverse the lobby, places who will allow me to return on a regular basis and set up shop for a few hours. I’d be available for lunch rush and breaks in the offices and retail during morning and evening rush hours.

I intend to have a selection of history, business and economics, some fiction and lit. I’ll add to my inventory over time. I need to find an inventory tracking system which doesn’t cost a fortune. I may likely end up using Excel and a handheld scanner for some time. I have a Square account and a variety of card readers for it. I need to develop promotion and marketing skills. I need to develop relationships with shop owners and office directors in the area. That is key.

Anyway, these are my thoughts for now and it helps me to get them down somewhere. Here’s to making them happen. Thanks for reading. Keep the momentum. ‘See ya next time.


Published by KeepTheMomentum

One day, I’m gonna have a book store. You wait and see.

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