The Leather Ledger

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Welcome to Another Notch, the podcast about writing prompts. I try to get thoughts on paper and stretch ideas until they become stories. If it inspires you, come back for more! If it sucks, let me know. The whole point of this is for me to improve my writing.

Here’s today’s writing from a random prompt I found on the internet. The prompt was to write about some unique item found in a thrift store. Challenge accepted! Just a quick note: I usually try to produce a rough draft to share but, sometimes, I end up making a quick outline instead. Today was one of those days! I won’t be reading this to you as if it were the actual story, just a quick synopsis. Here we go…

Jamal’s Cafe – coffee in the morning, the MC stops here on his way to work for coffee, sometimes breakfast to go, before heading to his regular job. He is also a budding photographer in his spare time.
Kepler Antiques – something in the window – Kepler’s Antiques is across the street from Jamal’s Cafe and he always sees something interesting in the window and promises himself he will come by some time when they are open and check it out.
MC is a struggling photographer
Finds half-filled old leather ledger in Kepler’s Antiques and purchases it as a prop for a photo shoot he is planning for an accountant who wants business prmotion photos.
He flips through some of the pages and reads the entries including the last entry, some time in 1800’s. The earlier entries are modest incomes and expenses, but they rapidly grow after a certain point in the ledger.
When he gets home later, he notices the ledger contains an entry for his purchase of the ledger. He assumes the cashier had done it while he left it at the counter and shopped around.
The next day, he gets home and finds entries for his breakfast purchase at Jamal’s Cafe and some other purchases.
Half jokingly, he writes in an antry for a cash deposit of $1000
The next day, he checks his account balance on his phone while at work and discovers he there has been a $1000 deposit made to his account.
MC begins creating entries for made up photo shoots and and begins spnning tales of how bsuiness has been picking up and word of his business is spreading.
A month later, he is purchasing new equipment with cash. A year later, he has a girlfriend and has moved into a nice house. He buys a Land Rover to haul his equipment around to photo shoots and personal photo projects like a book he is self publishing.
He is talented and he attributes his success to being able to have buy the best equipment, hire an assistant, pay for promotion and marketing, and most of that is attributable, at first, to the power of the ledger.
As the years go by, he relies on the power of the ledger less and less, aware that he has one less entry line each time he uses it and the ledger has less pages than it did when he found it.
MC grows older and, having made a good life for himself and his family, he makes several sizable contributions to beneficial organizations around the world.
MC eventually dies all of his personal belongings are willed to family or sold at public auction. The ledger ends up in an antique store.

So, what I did this time is a little different than what I have been doing, but I do occasionally get away with it because, well, I make the rules as I go.
I could spend more time elaborating on that synopsis and develop it into a rough draft as I usually have on the show, but I get the feeling it would have been longer than the four pages I came up with for the last show about the beachcombing couple. I may seriously have to consider making this a longer show. I don’t know. Would you listen to a longer show, or should I stick with what I’ve got?
Anyway, that’s today’s writing prompt. I’ll be back with more. Be sure to subscribe if you find this interesting. Thanks for listening and thanks for your feedback. This is Kurt Copeland. Keep the momentum and take your writing up Another Notch.

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